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21 Days to Perfect Posture with Daryl Browne MSc

This workshop will focus on improving ‘modern-day posture’ which can lead to poor functionality for the body and ultimately pain caused by imbalances.

‘Daryl Browne is a freelance personal trainer based in Marylebone and The City in London. He comes with over 17 years of experience and has built up an impressive client list. He has been a personal trainer to members of The Sunday Times Rich List, CEO level employees of FTSE 100 companies, The BBC, The Home Office, The FA, and BUPA Childcare. As a post grad level personal trainer, his ethos is very different from most trainers. He specialises in addressing client weaknesses, posture imbalances and core stability before any high intensity work is commenced. He has recently published his first ebook ’21 Days to Perfect Posture’ which aims to help people who are desk-bound for long periods.