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Building a business in Fitness with London Paleo Girl & Alternatively Healthy Becki

Learn how these two besties have built multiple successful businesses in the health & fitness industry

Beck is a Personal trainer, fitness blogger, founder of alternativelyhealthy.co.uk and co-founder of two-influence, Becki has built a credible reputation within the industry. Having worked with leading fitness centres, appeared in Women’s Health & Cosmo, hosted bootcamps and been brand ambassader for world renowned brands such as PUMA, JD women and Lorna Jane – to training celebrities, and influencers, Becki has cemented herself firmly as one of the industries elite. Tessa is Founder of the UK’s first ‘free from’ soft serve, frozen coconut yoghurt ‘Co-Fro’, co-founder of ‘two influence’ and the uk’s largest paleo influencer, Tessa’s passion for food and living the modern day paleo lifestyle is highly regarded by all in the industry. From working with celebrity master chef John Torode, to being awarded chef of the year, Tessa has featured talking about modern day paleo in numerous print press, such as look magazine The Huffington post, acted as a brand ambassador to world renowned brands such as Lorna Jane and Live!UK and created recipes, content and been interviewed for brands spanning across the food, fitness, fashion and beauty industries.